Download our APP is a unique advertising medium which puts your organisation's introductory offer's into the hands of potential new customers when they are in the best position to use it and are looking for products or services in your category.

Converting them to long-term repeat customers is your job..our job is to get them to your door.

The pricing structure is simple.. At less than One Dollar a day we are sure that you agree that $360 per year per voucher is exceptional value.  Not to mention that you can also use the free mobile app to get access to thousands of discount vouchers across australia.

We don't sell premium advertising so if you are the closest to the member when they use the application or closest to the location that they are going to you will be at the top of the list.

We display the top 250 vouchers in the category sorted by distance.  It's really that simple.  Vouchers can be either single use for introductory offers or can be reused after a certain amount of days for upsale items.  The choice is yours! and there is no extra cost for re-use vouchers.  When the voucher is used it doesn't disappear it is still right in it's regular position with a nice message to remind our members that they have used the voucher an might want to come to your business again.  In most voucher systems once your voucher has been used that is the end of your advertisement but not with MyPhoneVouchers.

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