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Welcome to the official blog.  This blog is in addition to our facebook page at and our twitter account at where we will keep everyone up to date.  At this stage the blog will not be open for comments but we are interested in your comments so send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if we think they are interesting for the rest of our readers we will post them.... otherwise enjoy.

Once again we are gearing up for a fantastic year of growing our brand. As we grow our brand we extend the reach of our advertising and also expand the vouchers that are available to our users. 2014 saw lots of changes to our system and business model. We paid out our sponsorship arrangements with over 500 groups enabling us to launch the free mobile apps. We launched mass media advertising in Perth and tested online advertising to expand our brand awareness. Thanks to our advertisers and our members for their continued support.

92.9 Traffic Sponsorship

While not part of our normal radio advertising we have agreed to sponsor the traffic on 92.9 both in the morning and afternoons.  These very short advertisements (5 Seconds) are on a 15 minute rotation so we are in great shape to get some high level exposure.  We have already seen an inclease is Web, App download and advertisers coming to our exciting product and brand.  Next week we have a new advertisement series starting on 92.9 and you might catch us throughout the day.  We have one advertisement in each session of the day, Breakfast,Morning etc.


Mass Advertising Started


MyPhoneVouchers is pleased to announce that as of the 6th of October 2014 we will be starting an advertising campaign on Perth’s number one rating radio station and also on the leading women’s radio stations.  We have committed to 3 months of advertising across 94.5FM and 92.9FM.  This advertising is to build brand awareness and also to grow both our advertiser business and our subscriber base.




What happened to the fundraising Product?

Message from Daniel Kikalis - Founder was originally designed to provide schools, community groups, sporting clubs and charities with a fundraising product. So it’s with a heavy heart that we now find it necessary to withdraw the product. We are not abandoning the groups that we have already agreed to support. We have already refunded all membership fees and also paid out the amount that the fundraising that the groups would have earned for the next three years. So why have we taken this drastic action.

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Exciting new Appointment

Message from Daniel Kikalis our Founder is quickly expanding and as founder and chief dogs body I was finding it difficult to focus on all aspects of the business at the same time all of the time. As the founder I will be still add value across the entire business however I’m proud to introduce Jacinta Kikalis as our new head of marketing and communication under my supervision. This role will start off as part time position and will grow as the needs grow.

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Like all businesses we at has a number of targets that we want to meet each day, week, month quarter and year. We have have had a long term metric of 200 new advertisers per week. We thought this was an achievable but stretched target the we should strive for. This means the we target 40-50 new advertisers per week. Well then comes the last week of November and we achieved 101 new advertisers and the first week on December we reached 111 new advertisers. So monthly target smashed in just a week and a half. Why do we need 200 new advertisers per week?

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