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Like all businesses we at has a number of targets that we want to meet each day, week, month quarter and year. We have have had a long term metric of 200 new advertisers per week. We thought this was an achievable but stretched target the we should strive for. This means the we target 40-50 new advertisers per week. Well then comes the last week of November and we achieved 101 new advertisers and the first week on December we reached 111 new advertisers. So monthly target smashed in just a week and a half. Why do we need 200 new advertisers per week?


We now have over 2000 members and our original was to be the biggest coupon advertiser in Australia. That is we want to give our members access to more discount saving whether they are home or when they travel. Our major competitor is still paper based so they have to be able to print the book and we estimate around 700 vouchers per book is around the maximum. We measure vouchers in tow ways the first is the number of advertisers in that we have in our system and the second in calculating the number of pages if we had to print a book for every time a voucher was available. Given that many of our vouchers can be used more than once would mean that we would have to print a voucher for every time it was available. We currently would require more than 51,000 pages to print the entire book.

Within the next week we will republish the statistics again on our web page.

Every advertiser also puts us in touch with schools, groups, community groups and charities that they support.  This is where our membership grows from as we assist these groups raise funds and reach their goals.


Daniel Kikalis