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Exciting new Appointment

Message from Daniel Kikalis our Founder is quickly expanding and as founder and chief dogs body I was finding it difficult to focus on all aspects of the business at the same time all of the time. As the founder I will be still add value across the entire business however I’m proud to introduce Jacinta Kikalis as our new head of marketing and communication under my supervision. This role will start off as part time position and will grow as the needs grow.


Jacinta will take the lead role with our online and other media engagements and will assist our web developer and SEO specialist Yoyong. Jacinta will be the public face to and along with her sister Keira and brother Travis will appear in much of our marketing material.

Jacinta has a passion for children and the causes, she is currently at university studying towards a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and still is a valuable member of the West Coast Gymnasts coaching staff.

Marie is still in charge of the day to day operations side of the business with ensuring quality offers and quality engagement with our vendors, schools, clubs, community groups and charities. Marie also looks after our members with the support of our supported groups.