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What happened to the fundraising Product?

Message from Daniel Kikalis - Founder was originally designed to provide schools, community groups, sporting clubs and charities with a fundraising product. So it’s with a heavy heart that we now find it necessary to withdraw the product. We are not abandoning the groups that we have already agreed to support. We have already refunded all membership fees and also paid out the amount that the fundraising that the groups would have earned for the next three years. So why have we taken this drastic action.


It simply comes to the effort and cost required run this side of the business. We have spent many months with our whole staff working to get the fundraising product to the point where it was ready to go and we then spent many months contacting and discussing the product with many schools, groups and sporting clubs.

After much consultation especially with those that had taken up the offer we determined that we could directly support these and groups others we feel we would like to help without the fundraising product. We have now made the product retrospectively free of charge and provided a higher level of support than the fundraising product.

We have closed this round of sponsorship to the current schools and sporting groups and will instead make private contributions in the future.