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Why isn't my favouring x here?

There is a few reasons that businesses are not providing our users a discount.  The first is that we don't allow blatant adult type services to be offered. The second reason is that they have not been approached by us to be a partner or they have not contacted us to be involved.  The last two reasons are really because we are new and growing. 

Seriously though, if you know of a local business, or a national one for that matter that offers a discount to others or should to build their business, you can always ask them if they have a MyPhoneVouchers offer and tell them that they should.  Myphonevouchers has a very affordable adverting model and our sales people can do deals with larger organisations as it makes sense for us, them and our users.

What are Demographics used for

Over time MyPhoneVouchers intends to expand the setting page to include more demograhic collection information.  This could allow us to target your device with better voucher or coupon matches.  But our platform has been designed to be very open and accountable with the way the offers get you your device.  You choose a location, either where your are or where you want to look for a business.  The system returns the closest 200 offers to you that are within the radius set in settings.  There is no special sauce.  None of our partners get a better place than any other business.  Even if the partner have purchased additional categories or addition offer space it's always give to the user buy location.  So why collect demographics at all??

We use the data to convince new partners onto the system to provide more discounts for you.  If 90% of our members who shop in a particular surburb are over 80 years old, it might not be the best advertising platform for the local bungy jumping business and we will target businesses that better reflect the demographics of our users. 

This is a very extreme case but we have slightly more women than men and most of the users are under 45.  The good news is for businesses that provides good and services for men is that women buy more on men than men spend on themselves.  I guess there is no suprises there.  How do we know as we currently don't collect those statistics in the system?  We had a market research company ring 1000 random users and ask them.  Remember the MPV system does not know personal details such as name or address, unless the information is required to send you a give-away.  We always use SMS to communicate with our users we don't have any other way....

How many vouchers do we have?

State Count
StateBusinessesOffers *WeeklyDailyMonthly
ACT 43 507 7 0 4
NSW 724 9885 125 0 151
NT 23 176 2 0 3
QLD 413 6369 75 2 66
SA 179 1893 19 1 19
TAS 37 381 5 0 4
VIC 1001 25104 181 27 308
WA 743 15318 122 14 195
  3163 59633 536 44 750


What does this all mean? It means that we currently have 3163 businesses that are offering a discount to our members. If a business is willing to give you a daily discount in a traditional paper based voucher book you would receive 365 vouchers (one for each day of the year). Our re-use formula works simply that if you use a weekly voucher then you cannot reuse that voucher in the next 6 days. Monthly is 29 Days and annually is 365 days. (Yes some of our vouchers have been in the system since 2010)

Our voucher count is simply the sum of 366/[Reuse Days]. So a monthly voucher is available 12 times a year. Daily 366 and so on.

Without mass media campaigns we usually gain 200 new advertisers a month which on average adds 1-3 Daily Offers, 20 -25 Weekly Vouchers, 20-25 Monthly and the rest are single annual use. This equated to around 2000 new vouchers.

Our long term average is just under 19 vouchers per added business. (59633/3163) = 18.85

How many members do we have?

As of the 4th of September 2014 we have over 10,000 Members.  This is a mix on advertisers, groups that we previously engaged and members of the public.  All these members joined in the pre-APP MyPhoneVouchers and before we started out mass media advertising.  It is expected this number will grow quickly with the introduction of mass media and the lauch of the APP's across Apple, Adroid and Windows Phone devices.