This is a simple question and has two simple answers. 

If you own or manage a Business

The answer is quite simple for you. is an in-expensive flat rate advertising platform.  For less than one dollar a day we put your voucher advertising in our mobile web site. This mobile website is accessed from mobile phones and was designed from the ground up to be mobile software so it looks and feels like any other mobile app that the users might have.  What is special about the advertising product however is its geo-location.  When a user first logins to the application, it asks about how far they are willing to travel for a discount vouchers. This makes the mobile site a local service to where-ever they are when they are using it. (They click a button to update their current location)  Members then choose the categories that wish to find a discount in and if your business in the closest your offer will be on top.  We don't have premium advertising as we think users want pure organic search results.... The way Google used to be... What is different to Google however is that all of our searches are paid advertisements.  As a business owner you choose if the voucher is single use or multi-use and if multi-use how often it can it be reused.  It doesn't matter if the user has used your voucher or not if you are the closest your business will be on top.  We handle mobile businesses by choosing the middle of the suburb. 

We are also a social media company and use our social connections to market your business. The best way to get this love is to follow us or like our webpage or facebook page.  We are a very positive organisation and all of our messages are positive about your business and your products.  We do re-tweet business offers if we think our members and social community will think it's worthwhile. 

Other services that we provide includes:

  • Web Site Development and Hosting
  • Search Engine Optomisation
  • Social media consulting and assistance
  • Telemarketting Services
  • Mobile Application Development

I like a good discount gives members thousands of discounts across Australia, so whether you are at home or on holidays you are surely to find an exclusive discount to one of fantastic advertisers.  Yes we compete directly with a voucher book of good repute but with some important additional benefits.  There is not card or book to remember and how often do you leave home without your smart phone?  If you have your smartphone or your tablet with you (You could take any computer really...but the cord is usually not that long) you are able to access the discounts in the categories that you search for. 

In Summary

We are a new media advertising company who promotes businesses discount vouchers via a membership based mobile applications and site and social media.  Our members get access to exclusive deals from our advertising partners.